PlayStation 5 Restock: Where to Buy Sony’s New Console

Sony’s new PlayStation 5 is the most powerful console ever made. It boasts cutting-edge specs, bleeding-edge graphics, and next-level features that make it the ultimate gaming machine.

Unfortunately, it’s also expensive: The PS5 costs $500 at launch, which is why so many people want to know where they can buy one. If you’re looking for a PS5 console restock or digital edition restock, we’ve got all the details right here!

PlayStation 5 console restock.

PlayStation 5 console restock (and pre-order info)

If you’re looking to get your hands on the PS5, we have all the info you need about where it’s available, including when stock is expected to arrive at each retailer.

The PlayStation 5 is due out in 2020 from Sony and will be compatible with physical games discs. It’ll also have a new controller design and a new DualShock 4 wireless controller will be released at some point in 2023.

Where to buy PS5 digital restock.

PlayStation 5 Restock Where to Buy Sony's New Console. restock
PlayStation 5 Restock Where to Buy Sony’s New Console. restock

There are a few different ways you can purchase the PS5 digital version. We’ll go over each option below and tell you where it’s available, what it costs, and how to get your hands on the game.

  • PlayStation Store: The PlayStation Store is the official store for Sony products like the PlayStation 4 console and games like Red Dead Redemption 2. You can buy digital content there as well as physical copies of games that come with codes for download. If you’re looking for a good deal on new PS5 titles like Borderlands 3 or Resident Evil 8 (which may not launch until 2020), this is an easy place to start browsing for deals on Playstation 5-compatible consoles such as Xbox One S or XS Max devices from Best Buy or Target stores near your location.*
  • Amazon: Another popular online shopping destination that sells everything from household goods like paper towels and toilet paper rolls all the way up through high-end electronics including televisions shows what kind of deals they have going currently by clicking “View All Offers” link at bottom left corner of page.* Best Buy: This national chain retailer has both physical locations where shoppers can try out new hardware before buying online elsewhere; however, many still prefer shopping in person since service tends not seem quite so impersonal when dealing directly face-to-face rather than via chat window messages sent back forth between manufacturers’ customer service agents who may not know much about specific questions needing answers because they didn’t handle them directly themselves – so always keep these things mind when making decisions about whether or not something will work best going forward!

Where to buy PS5 disc edition restock.

PlayStation 5 Restock Where to Buy Sony's New Console. PS5
PlayStation 5 Restock Where to Buy Sony’s New Console. PS5
  • Buy from Amazon.
  • Buy from GameStop.
  • Buy from Target.
  • Buy from Walmart.
  • Buy from Best Buy.

Here’s where you can find out about the PlayStation 5.

In the past, you could go to Best Buy or GameStop to find out about PlayStation 5 restocks. But it’s not clear whether those retailers will offer any new PS5 consoles this time around, and there are no guarantees that they’ll have them in stock if they do.

So where can you actually buy a PlayStation 5? Luckily, we’ve got some good news: The console is available on Amazon and at Target right now. It’s also in stock at Walmart—but only for Prime members who act fast! So read on for all the details about buying a PlayStation 5 from each of these stores.

Sony Direct.

PlayStation 5 Restock Where to Buy Sony's New Console. Sony Direct.
PlayStation 5 Restock Where to Buy Sony’s New Console. Sony Direct.

Sony Direct is your best bet for buying a PS5, especially if you’re looking for a bundle that comes with a game or other accessories. The site offers discounts on games and hardware, but it also has the advantage of being official—the only place where you can be sure your console will be legitimate.

Sony Direct currently has two different PS5 bundles available: One includes Red Dead Redemption 2 and two PlayStation Move controllers; the other comes with Spider-Man and a DualShock controller. Both are priced at $500 plus shipping costs, which bring the total cost to between $520-$550 depending on where you live and how quickly you want your new console!


PlayStation 5 Restock Where to Buy Sony's New Console. GameStop
PlayStation 5 Restock Where to Buy Sony’s New Console. GameStop

GameStop offers PS5 preorders, PS5 bundles, PS5 trade-in deals and additional payment options.

At GameStop you can get the PlayStation 5 console with a $100 gift card when you buy it with select games or accessories. You also have the option to trade in your old PlayStation 4 to get up to $200 off on a new one. You’ll get an additional $50 for preordering now at select stores before March 4.


PlayStation 5 Restock: Where to Buy Sony's New Console. Walmart
PlayStation 5 Restock: Where to Buy Sony’s New Console. Walmart

Walmart is one of the largest retailers in the world, offering a wide selection of products. The company sells electronics and has a great selection of PS5 games and accessories.

PlayStation 5 Restock: Where to Buy Sony's New Console.
PlayStation 5 Restock: Where to Buy Sony’s New Console.

Amazon has a wide selection of PS5 games and accessories, as well as a wide variety of console bundles.

In addition to the standard console options, you can also find some exclusive deals from Amazon Prime members.

Amazon Prime members receive free two-day shipping on all orders over $25 for eligible items and free returns for no reason after 30 days. You can also subscribe to Amazon Music or Twitch Prime for ad-free listening or access to free games every month on Twitch.

Best Buy.

PlayStation 5 Restock: Where to Buy Sony's New Console. Best Buy.
PlayStation 5 Restock: Where to Buy Sony’s New Console. Best Buy.

The good news is that you can get your hands on the PlayStation 5 in a few days. Best Buy will begin selling the console on May 13 at $399.99, and it will be available both in stores and online. The bad news is that you’ll have to act fast—Best Buy says that supplies are limited, so if you want one, you may have to wait until they restock their stock.

This means that if you’re looking to buy a PS5 (and who isn’t?), make sure to set up an alert with Best Buy’s online store so it can notify you as soon as more units become available for purchase. And if there’s no way around buying at another retailer? Well then…sorry about your luck!


PlayStation 5 Restock: Where to Buy Sony's New Console. Target
PlayStation 5 Restock: Where to Buy Sony’s New Console. Target

Target is a good option if you’re looking to buy a PlayStation 5. With Target, you can rest assured that your purchase will be delivered safely and securely: the company has been in business for over 80 years and consistently ranks among Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For. If you’re wondering why so many people choose Target, it may have something to do with their low prices—the PS5 bundle at Target is currently available for $299.99 (a savings of $100).

Now that the PS5 restock has finally arrived, here are some tips for finding one in stores and on the web.

Now that the PS5 restock has finally arrived, here are some tips for finding one in stores and on the web.

Amazon will sell you a PlayStation 5 for $499.99 or less, depending on which model and bundle you choose. Walmart has some of these same deals but also has a few exclusive ones of its own (for instance, you can buy a bundle with NBA 2K20). GameStop is offering bundles with either Fallout 76 or Mortal Kombat 11 as well as discounts on accessories like DualShock controllers and headsets. Best Buy is selling standard consoles starting at $449.99 in store only; however, it’s unclear if this will be an online deal too. Target will have all three colors available starting at $449—but only if you’re willing to wait until Nov. 6th! Sony Direct offers some of the best deals yet: preorder now with no obligation (and get free shipping) then get your new console shipped out immediately when it becomes available next year! Gamestop has also started taking orders for preorders now—but it’s unclear how long those will last before going back into hiding again until 2020…

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is finally in stores. But, like most consoles throughout history, it’s hard to find.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is finally in stores. But, like most consoles throughout history, it’s hard to find.

To be clear: The PS5 has been available for two days now—and it won’t come with any games at all until next month—so there’s an understandable scarcity of the console itself. However, the $399 asking price isn’t cheap either (especially when you compare it to other systems on the market).

But don’t worry! If you’re still interested in getting your hands on Sony’s newest game console, we’ve compiled a list of retailers that are carrying it now—as well as some tips for how to get one faster than others who haven’t yet gotten theirs yet

Here’s where you can buy a PS5.

Here's where you can buy a PS5.
Here’s where you can buy a PS5.

You can buy a PS5 from GameStop, Best Buy and Target.

The PS5 release date is November 15th and you can pre-order it now.

There are some great bundles available with the console and other games at retailers like Amazon or Walmart – we’ve broken down what you need to know about each one below:

  • The Walmart bundle comes with two wireless controllers, two games (Red Dead Redemption 2 and Marvel’s Spiderman) as well as 1 year of PlayStation Plus membership.
  • The Amazon bundle comes with one wireless controller, four games (Red Dead Redemption 2, Marvel’s Spiderman, Call of Duty Black Ops 4 and Tetris Effect) as well as 1 year of PlayStation Plus membership.
  • The GameStop bundle comes with one wireless controller, four games (Red Dead Redemption 2,, Marvel’s Spiderman,, Call of Duty Black Ops 4), 1 year of PlayStation Plus Membership., A $10 gift card for digital purchases on the Store app on your PS4 system..

Tips for getting your hands on Sony’s new console.

  • Check the website of the retailer you are buying from.

If you’re planning on purchasing a PlayStation 5, you might have to wait until September 2020 to get one. If so, it may be worth it for you to check out their website and see if they’ll offer an option where they ship out preorders before launch day (which we expect will be sometime in October). That way, your PS5 will be waiting for when its official release date arrives!

Sony PlayStation 5 (Disc Edition)

The PlayStation 5 is finally here. After so many years of waiting and speculation, Sony has finally unveiled its next-generation console. The PS5 will be released on November 15th of this year, but there are still some places where you can get it early.

Most major retailers like Best Buy and Target are offering pre-orders for PlayStation 5 consoles that come with an extra controller, a game voucher for Spiderman: Far From Home (which released yesterday), plus a free copy of The Last of Us Part II upon release. If you don’t want to wait until November 15th to pick up your new PS5, these are the best places to go!

Sony PlayStation 5 Digital Edition.

If you’re not a fan of waiting in line to buy a new console, the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition might be for you. It’s the cheapest way to get your hands on Sony’s latest game machine, since it doesn’t come with any physical hardware at all (and therefore won’t require storage space). It also comes with a 20% discount on all PS5 games, which will definitely help make up for having no box or manual to hold.

The Digital Edition does require an internet connection to play games and access online services—but if that won’t bother you, this might be your best option for buying a PS5 right now!

We’ll be updating this list of retailers regularly.

We’ll be updating this list of retailers regularly. If you have a retailer to add, please contact us!

Walmart PS5 Restock.

PlayStation 5 Restock Where to Buy Sony's New Console Walmart PS5 Restock
PlayStation 5 Restock Where to Buy Sony’s New Console Walmart PS5 Restock

If you’re looking to buy the PS5, Walmart is your best bet. The new console will be available in select stores and online at the same price as its predecessor: $399 for the base model. It comes in black, red and white (with matching controller) and can be bought as a physical or digital version.

The retailer also has bundles available online only for those who want to save some money on games and accessories–for example, get three games for $149.98 or two controllers for $59.98!

Best Buy PS5 Restock.

If you’re looking to grab a PS5, Best Buy should be your first stop. On May 31st, the electronics retailer will begin selling the console at retail locations and online, offering bundles with games and accessories. The PS5 is expected to be sold at a discounted price during this restock as well.

If you’re not quite ready to grab the console right away, you can start pre-ordering one now! To pre-order a PlayStation 5 through Best Buy:

  • Go to

GameStop PS5 Restock.

If you’re looking to pick up a PS5 from GameStop, you could be in luck. The retailer has a limited number of consoles available for sale, and it’s selling them for $399.99—a small discount from the standard $500 retail price. If that isn’t enough for you, GameStop is also offering a “PlayStation 5 Bundle” that includes two games and an additional controller for only $499.99.

Amazon PS5 Restock.

PlayStation 5 Restock Where to Buy Sony's New Console Amazon PS5 Restock.
PlayStation 5 Restock Where to Buy Sony’s New Console Amazon PS5 Restock.

The PS5 is here, and you can buy it for $450. But where?

  • Amazon: The online retailer will be selling the PS5 at its standard price of $450. If you’re interested in getting your hands on one, start pre-ordering now (or keep an eye on the site). You might want to wait until closer to launch day since we’ve heard that some people are having trouble finding stock with Amazon as of late.
  • Best Buy: Like Amazon, Best Buy also sells the PlayStation 5 at $450—but there’s a catch: you’ll have to sign up for a Best Buy credit card in order to get it! This offer ends on February 27th so take advantage while it lasts!

Here are the best places to try and buy the PS5.

  • Walmart – If you’re looking for the most affordable option, Walmart is your best bet. The retailer has been known to sell the PS4 for as little as $199.99 during sales events, so there’s a good chance its next-gen console will be similarly priced.
  • Best Buy – The electronics retailer currently has an exclusive deal with Sony that allows it to sell PS5 consoles before any other store in North America. It also offers great deals on gaming equipment and accessories, so if you’re looking to buy a new PlayStation controller or some other accessories while you’re there, it could be your go-to destination.
  • GameStop – If you want something more unique than standard white or black consoles, GameStop is offering Neon Blue and Neon Red versions of the PS5 at launch—you just have to buy them from their website instead of visiting one of their stores first (which will only stock black ones). However, if you really fancy yourself some neon colors then this may still be worth checking out!
  • Amazon/Best Buy/Gamestop/Walmart

How to Get a PlayStation 5.

You can buy the PlayStation 5 directly from Sony.

You can buy the PS5 from a retailer, such as Amazon or GameStop.

You can also find it on eBay or other similar sites that sell used video game consoles and accessories

Where to Buy a PlayStation 5.

Where can you buy a PlayStation 5?

It’s actually pretty easy, as long as you live in the United States. The PS5 is available for pre-order at Amazon and GameStop, with each retailer offering an exclusive bundle that includes some bonus items and perks. If you don’t want to wait until 2020 or 2021 (or whenever Sony announces a release date), here are your best bets:

Amazon: $499 with Days of Play Edition Controller Bundle (includes 1TB PlayStation Network Code)

GameStop: $449 with Days of Play Edition Controller Bundle (includes 2TB PlayStation Network Code)

What Stores Are Selling the PlayStation 5?

If you’re looking to get your hands on the PlayStation 5, it’s important to know where to buy one. Here are some places where you can find Sony’s new console:

  • Best Buy
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • (and Amazon Prime)
  • Gamestop — but only if you’re a member of Gamers Club Unlocked (GCU) or PowerUp Rewards Pro members; both membership programs will allow you to pre-order and pick up PS5s at GameStop locations. The deal runs from Friday, October 25 through Sunday, November 3 at select stores across Europe and North America as well as online (where available). In addition to getting one for yourself, GameStop is also offering discounted bundles if customers want multiple consoles as well as accessories like controller charging docks. Some stores have already started selling them online but many will open their doors tomorrow morning around 9am ET/10am CT/11am MT/12pm PT!

Where Can I Buy a PlayStation 5 Directly From Sony?

Sony is planning to launch the PS5 in 2020, but there’s no word on where you’ll be able to buy one. We do know that you’ll be able to buy it directly from Sony, and we also expect it will be available for purchase through other major retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop.

Can I Buy a PlayStation 5 on eBay?

If you’re looking to pick up a PlayStation 5 on eBay, it’s best to be aware of the risks associated with buying used. As with any purchase from an individual, there’s no way to be sure what kind of condition the console will be in when you get it. For this reason, we recommend that you stick with reputable retailers rather than going through an individual seller on eBay (or anywhere else).

The market for PS5 digital and games isn’t as robust as it has been for previous generations of consoles—likely because Sony hasn’t announced any new titles yet—so there aren’t many options for pre-ordering them now. We’ll update this guide once more retailers start taking orders.

How Much Does the PlayStation 5 Cost?

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition (PS5)

The PlayStation 5 digital edition is available for $400. If you’re looking to buy the PS5 digital edition, you can purchase it directly from Sony’s website or from Amazon. If you don’t want to wait for an official restock of the console and want to grab one as quickly as possible, then this is your best bet!

PlayStation 5 Standard Edition (PS5)

The standard version of the PlayStation 5 comes with a controller and has been available since March 2020. In order of price range:

  • $500 – The standard version of the PlayStation 5 sold at launch costs $500.
  • $600 – This version comes with two controllers instead of just one controller like in other editions; there are also additional bells and whistles that make it slightly more expensive than its predecessor when first released on store shelves around world wide markets such as Europe Asia Africa Australia South America North America Canada Mexico Central America South America Europe United Kingdom Ireland Netherlands Germany Italy Austria Sweden Denmark Finland Latvia Lithuania Hungary Poland Czech Republic Slovak Republic Bulgaria Belarus Ukraine Moldova Romania Georgia Armenia Azerbaijan Soviet Union Kazakhstan Uzbekistan Turkmenistan Tajikistan Kyrgyzstan Turkmenistan Azerbaijan Uzbekistan Georgia Armenia Tajikistan Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan Turkmenistan Tajikistan Kyrgyzstan Kazakhstan Uz

Is the PS5 Digital Edition Cheaper Than the Standard Model?

If you’ve been waiting to add the PS5 Digital Edition to your collection, wait no longer. The standard edition of the console is available for purchase and has been selling out fast since it was first released in late January 2019.

As with any new piece of technology, prices fluctuate as supply and demand are balanced out over time. The PS4 Digital Edition was originally priced at $399 USD (plus tax). Now that its availability has increased, it’s currently listed at just under $200 on Amazon, but you can also find it for less than $175 from other retailers like Walmart or Best Buy if you shop around.

So while there isn’t a huge difference between buying both versions of Sony’s new gaming platform right now—the disc-based version costs about $100 more than its digital counterpart—if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to access all those great exclusives coming to PlayStation 5 (and beyond), then maybe consider buying through another retailer instead?

How Much Do PS5 Games Cost?

How Much Do PS5 Games Cost?
How Much Do PS5 Games Cost?

PS5 games cost the same as PS4 games.

As with all consoles, there are a few options when it comes to buying your favorite games. You can either buy physical copies at retail stores or online retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop; or you can buy digital downloads directly from Sony’s online store. While physical copies are sometimes cheaper than their digital counterparts, this isn’t always the case—and in some instances (like with some indie titles), you’ll actually pay more for a boxed copy of a game than a download key for that same title. In terms of pricing structure across both platforms, PS5 games cost $60 just like they do on PS4 and Xbox One.

Here’s how you can buy the new PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition.

Gamestop: Gamestop is selling a PS5 and PS5 digital edition. You can buy them on its website or at your local store.

Target: You can also buy the console at Target, but it’s only available online (for now). The price tag is $199 for the standard version and $249 for the digital edition. It’s been available since November 14.

Best Buy: The retailer recently announced that it would be selling both versions of Sony’s next-gen console in stores starting December 13—and then promptly ran out of stock within hours! If you’re looking to get your hands on one there (or online), we recommend keeping tabs on Best Buy’s official Twitter account, which usually announces when new stock has become available again after previous sales sold out quickly.


Is the PS5 going to restock again?

In a word, no. The PS5 will not be restocking any time soon, as it is a product that was only made available once. It isn’t coming back for a long time; when it does return, you’ll know about it through an official announcement on Sony’s website or via other channels like social media or email.

Are PS5 getting restocked UK?

The PS5 stock has been flying off the shelves, but if you haven’t got one yet there’s still hope. Here’s what we know about a PlayStation 5 restock in the UK, including where to buy the next-gen console and when it’s expected to arrive.

Will there be an official PS5 release date?

According to Eurogamer, Sony has confirmed that it will reveal details on its upcoming next-generation console sometime this year. A new report from Digital Foundry suggests that an announcement could happen as soon as February 2020—though we’ve heard similar rumors before and they never came true. The site also says that while there will likely be a brief period between announcement and availability (similar to PS4), preorders won’t start until closer to launch day itself because of manufacturing issues associated with building such high-end products

Does Best Buy restock PS5?

No, Best Buy does not restock PlayStation 5.

Best Buy is a retailer that sells PS5 and other gaming consoles, but it’s not an authorized reseller of the system. As such, there’s no way for you to know when or if it will get more stock of Sony’s new console.

Why is PS5 out of stock?

You may have noticed that there are no places to buy the PlayStation 5 online. Well, you’re not alone—the console is sold out everywhere. And while some might think it’s due to a limited supply, that’s not actually the case at all. The reason behind this is simple: demand for the PS5 is higher than ever, making it an extremely popular item right now (and probably will be for some time).

This means that if you want one yourself and haven’t already pre-ordered it (which we highly recommend), your best bet is finding a store near you that has them in stock.

What time does Sony restock PS5?

The PS5 restock is happening now.

The PS5 restock will happen soon.

The PS5 restock will happen in the future.

The PS5 restock will not happen for a long time but you can pre-order one now if you want it to arrive on the day of release, and maybe that’s worth your money because then when it comes out and everyone else wants one but they can’t get one because they didn’t pre-order theirs, you’ll be laughing at them from above like an evil genius and saying things like “I told you so! Ha ha! Death to all those who oppose me! Muahahaha! This is what happens when I don’t get my way: You lose everything! Ha ha ha… oh wait… did someone say something? What’s that? Oh no way are they giving away free stuff with purchase today? Well then here come some more bad news: That wasn’t actually true either. Those were just some nice things someone made up as part of their marketing strategy (and if we’re being honest here it was probably just me). But don’t worry–you can still get your hands on one right now by ordering right here.”

Why are there so few ps5s?

There are a few reasons for the lack of PS5 stocks. The first reason is that Sony has only made a limited number of consoles available for pre-order, at least initially. The second reason is that some retailers have decided not to carry the console at all, due to low demand from consumers and unpredictable supply from Sony.

The third reason is more complicated. While it’s possible that Sony could make more PS5s available after launch day, this doesn’t seem likely because of how expensive it would be—in terms of money spent on parts and labor—to manufacture an additional batch after launch day when demand hasn’t been met yet by consumers who’ve already purchased their consoles or pre-ordered one online through various retailers around the world.

These factors combine together into one simple conclusion: if you want a PlayStation 5 right away (or within a reasonable amount of time), then now would be your best chance!

Is there still stock for PS5?

Yes, there are limited quantities of the PS5 available. However, the console is sold out at most retailers; if you want to buy one, now’s your chance!

The PlayStation 5 is not currently available in stores (except for those that have been lucky enough to score some pre-release stock). It’s also not available to purchase online through official channels: Sony hasn’t started selling it anywhere yet. But there are still ways for you to get your hands on a new PS5 console before anyone else does:

Why is PS5 restock taking so long?

The PS5 is a high-demand product, and its restocks have been limited. It’s not surprising that there’s a lot of interest in the console.

For those who missed out on the first round of preorders, the second wave could be your last chance to secure one before they’re sold out again. It’s important to know that there are only two batches left before they disappear forever—and this might be it!

What time does PlayStation restock PS5?

The PlayStation 5 restock time depends on the retailer, but it’s usually in the morning or early afternoon. Here are some general guidelines for when you can expect to get your hands on a PS5:

  • Best Buy: noon-2pm ET (9am-11am PT)
  • GameStop: 12pm-4pm ET (9am-1pm PT)
  • Walmart: 1pm CT (10am PT)

Why is there a shortage of PS5?

  • PS5 is a popular product.
  • PS5 is a high-end product.
  • PS5 is a new product.
  • PS5 is a Sony product.
  • PS5 is a popular gaming console, so there will be high demand for it when it goes on sale in the future.

Is GameStop restocking PS5?

Yes, GameStop is restocking PS5. The retailer is currently selling the console for $399.99 online and in-store, and it’s also offering customers free two-day shipping if they make their purchase online.

GameStop isn’t the only place to buy a PS5 at launch: other retailers like Walmart and Amazon are also stocking units of the new device.


The PlayStation 5 has been out for a month now, so we wanted to let you know where you can buy the new console. The PS5 has already had some amazing games and the future of this console looks bright.

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