Sony Playstation 5 Console Restock – Now Available for Pre-Order

Sony Playstation 5 Console Restock

Sony Playstation 5 Console Restock Sony’s PS5 event turned out to be a compelling showcase for upcoming games, but it also revealed the console. And that look proved pretty polarizing based on some early reactions- including one from GameSpot critic Gabe Zaldivar who wrote “Sony Computer Entertainment has officially announced its next home video game … Read more

Sony PlayStation PS5 Console Restock: Here to Stay

Sony PlayStation PS5 Console Restock

Sony PlayStation PS5 Console Restock Sony has recently released the Playstation 5 console, and it is already sold out! This means that the PS5 will not be going anywhere anytime soon. If you were one of the lucky ones to get your hands on a new one, congratulations! You are in for years of fun … Read more

PlayStation 5 Console Restock – the most anticipated console in over a decade

PlayStation 5 Console Restock

PlayStation 5 Console Restock Sony’s new PlayStation 5 console has been the most anticipated in over a decade. When Sony first announced it on March 19th, the internet exploded with excitement and anticipation for its release date and some of its features. The PlayStation 5 will be equipped with more processing power than any other … Read more