Which Vitamix 750 or A3500 would I buy in 2022

Which Vitamix 750 or A3500 would I buy in 2022?

Which of the Vitamix 750 or A3500 should you buy? That is a difficult choice! These are two incredible Vitamix blenders that have been engineered for unrivaled performance, exceptional dependability, and long-lasting durability!

I understand how crucial this decision-making process is to you! It’s the blender you’ll be using for the next decade and many more years. And you don’t want to make a mistake by making the wrong CHOICE!

However, if you narrow it down to the model that best suits your preferences, making the actual choice can be quite simple. That is all there is to it; which model you choose between the 750 and A3500 is purely a matter of personal preference.

However, if you prefer dials and switches to a touchscreen panel, I highly recommend the Vitamix 750. That is especially true if you are somewhat old-fashioned!

However, there is more to the Vitamix 750 or A3500 decision!

The availability of a wide range of technologically improved, useful accessories and attachments that work with the Ascent Series Vitamix blenders is an unmentioned advantage of purchasing the A3500 over the 750. Here are a few examples:

12-Cup Food Processor Attachment with Self-Detection, allowing you to use your Vitamix as a full-fledged food processor. 8-oz Self-Detect Blending Bowl, ideal for making small batches of baby food, dips, and salad dressings.

The 20-oz Blending Cup with Self-Detect is a single-serving smoothie blending container that also doubles as a travel cup thanks to the spill-proof lid! The ASTM Disc Container is a versatile blender attachment that excels at creating handcrafted-quality cocktails.

In addition, 48-ounce Wet and Dry Grains Containers with Self-Detection are ideal for small to medium-sized batches.

NOTE: The Ascent Series Vitamix blenders include the A2300, A2500, A3300, and A3500, which are all included in this review. These blenders feature Smart System technology, which automatically adjusts blending settings to match the Self-Detect container size in use!

Perhaps this explains why the introduction of the Vitamix Ascent Series blenders upended everything Vitamix! Everyone who was thinking about upgrading to the Pro 750 is now wondering if a one-time upgrade to the A3500 is the best Vitamix investment. Yes, in my opinion, getting the A3500 is the best blender investment you’ll ever make!

What Is the Distinction Between the Vitamix 750 and A3500?

A3500 employs cutting-edge technology such as a programmable timer, full integration with a smartphone app, and the ability to use a variety of jars and attachments.

The A3500 has a touch panel and a premium knob, whereas the Vitamix 750 has a dial and switches.

The Vitamix 750 comes with a regular 64-oz low-profile jar, whereas the A3500 comes with a Self-Detect 64-oz low-profile jar.

The self-detect jar has a clear lid that click-snaps into place, whereas the 750’s regular lid has a black rubber lid.

The Vitamix Pro 750 has a 7-year warranty, while the A3500 has a 10-year warranty.

The A3500 motor base is more streamlined and slimmer than the Pro 750.

What are the similarities and differences between the Vitamix 750 or A3500?

Both are simple to use, even if you’re not a techie!

You get the same high-end performance and consistency in blend quality!

Both have been built to last.

They have noise insulation and are 40% quieter than other Vitamix models.

Both are compatible with the Vitamix 48-ounce Stainless Steel container.

A3500 vs. Vitamix 750

Comparison of Vitamix 750 and A3500 Blender Bases and Motors

The Pro 750 is part of Vitamix’s Next-Generation product line, also known as the “G-Series” Vitamix!

All Vitamix G-Series blender bases are built to last. They are dependable and long-lasting, with a powerful 2.2-HP motor. The Pro 750 base has been designed to improve the airflow of the blender, allowing it to run cooler.

Even better, the 2.2-HP motor includes noise insulation. It is 40% quieter than other Vitamix blenders, such as the 5200 and 7500 models, thanks to the insulation!

The A3500, on the other hand, is part of the Vitamix Ascent Series. This product line represents Vitamix blenders that have been modernized with Smart Technology.

The A3500, like the Pro 750, has a powerful 2.2-HP motor with noise insulation and improved airflow. Even after extended use, these features allow it to run cooler and quieter!

TIP: The 2.2-HP motor has enough power to handle almost any ingredient. You can easily blend smoothies, make nut butter, and ground coffee to your desired consistency!

NOTE: The A3500’s Smart Technology is one of its most impressive features. That is, when you remove the container from the blender, it will not “blend”! Furthermore, it detects and automatically adjusts the settings to fit the size of the container you’re using!

Premium Digital Knob with 10 Speeds

Compatible with the Vitamix Perfect blend.

Apps for iOS and Android

Finish in copper metal,

Stainless Steel Finish in Black,

Candy Apple Red, White, and Blue

Finish: Graphite Metal

Vitamix A3500 Vitamix 750

6-foot 4-foot power cord

Motor 2.2-HP


Yes No

Noise reduction

Yes, control dial, 10-speed knob,

5 5 Preset Options

Yes, pulse, switch, and touch control

Touchscreen Controls No, Touch Interface

Bluetooth is not supported.

No Yes Programmable Timer

Colors include black, red, and brushed stainless steel.

Finish: Brushed Stainless Metal

17.5 inches 17 inches (with Jar)

12.5 pounds 14.92 pounds (with jar)

7 Years 10 Years Warranty

Blender Cost

Premium Digital Knob with 10 Speeds

Compatible with the Vitamix Perfect blend.

Apps for iOS and Android

Finish in copper metal,

Stainless Steel Finish in Black,

Candy Apple Red, White, and Blue

Finish: Graphite Metal

How Do the Vitamix 750 or A3500 Controls Compare?

The A3500 Vitamix Blender is fully digitalized. That’s why the Ascent Series Vitamix blenders are also known as Smart System Vitamix blenders.

The “Switch” On/Off is a digital touch control panel.

It has a touchscreen display.

A high-quality 10-speed digital control knob with half-speed adjustments.

TIP: During their research, Vitamix discovered that the majority of Vitamix enthusiasts adored the Knob, which is why it was included among the A3500’s controls.

Furthermore, because touchscreen controls are more convenient, Vitamix included a touch panel. People use it on phones, cars, and other kitchen appliances, so including touch controls was a brilliant idea!

The Vitamix 750 and A3500 both have five pre-programmed settings (Preset Programs). Smoothies, hot soups, dips and spreads, frozen desserts, and self-cleaning are among them.

The knob is used to select the Pro 750 preset programs, while the touch panel is used to select the A3500 preset programs.

A3500 vs. Vitamix 750

Container and Blades Comparison: Vitamix 750 vs A3500

The A3500 comes with a 64-oz Low-Profile Self-Detect container. This container has a clear lid that securely “clicks” into place. While blending, it ensures that the container is securely sealed – NO MORE LEAKS!

TIP: The Self-Detect jar has a convenient funnel-style opening for easier pouring. You avoid making a mess, which is especially important when working with thick, creamy smoothies!

Another small but useful feature that many people overlook is the tiny measuring cup that comes with the Vitamix A3500 blender’s 64-oz Low-Profile Self-Detect jar.

This tiny measuring cup fits perfectly in the container’s tamper hole. It measures one ounce and one tablespoon. You can also remove it while blending to use the tamper stick.

The Vitamix Pro 750 also includes a 64-oz Low-Profile container, but this is the regular low-profile jar, not the Self-Detect jar.

using Self-Detection

Vitamix A3500 Vitamix 750

64-ounce container Low-Profile 64-oz Low-Profile

BPA-Free Yes


4-Inch Blade Size 4-Inch

Tampering is included.

True, Low-Profile

True, Low-Profile

No Yes Dishwasher Safe

Self-Cleaning Yes Yes


using Self-Detection

Vitamix 750 vs A3500: Questions and Answers

1. Is the A3500 a good buy?

Yes, the Vitamix A3500 is the ideal blender for any task! It is ideal for smoothies, ice, nut butter, soups, coffee grinding, and any other ingredient you can think of putting in your blender.

The A3500 is a high-end, powerful machine that has proven to provide exceptional performance and dependability even after extended use. And the Smart Technology makes it extremely simple to use and convenient!

2. How quiet is the Vitamix A3500?

Yes, when compared to previous Vitamix blenders, the A3500 is relatively quiet. It has been designed with improved airflow vents at the back and a noise-isolating motor. This allows it to run cooler and more quietly!

3. What is the volume of the Vitamix A3500?

The Vitamix A3500 produces 84 decibels at maximum speed. However, keep in mind that you will not be running the blender at “HIGH” when preparing your standard recipes such as smoothies, soups, and frozen desserts.

In fact, the A3500 is Vitamix’s quietest blender, out of all the non-commercial blenders produced. For example, if you’re making smoothies in a small apartment, your neighbor won’t “know” the blender is on.

4. Is Bluetooth available on the Vitamix A3500?

Yes, the A3500 includes Bluetooth connectivity. The Perfect Blend App for iOS and Android is available from Vitamix. The Perfect Blend App uses Bluetooth to communicate with the A3500 blender.

When you connect your blender to the App, you gain access to 17 more pre-set programs and over 600 recipes. Among the additional pre-set programs are:



Milk from Nuts

Spice Milling

Peanut Butter

Food for Infants


Cocktails that are frozen

Dips and spreads that are thick

Bowl of Acai

Chopping on the Dry

Foam made from cold skim milk

5. What is the best Vitamix model?

The A3500 is Vitamix’s best blender to date! It now includes cutting-edge technology for improved usability while maintaining the high-performance reputation associated with all Vitamix blenders!

Simply put, the Vitamix A3500 has the same amount of power as the popular Pro 750. However, Smart Technology such as touch controls, Bluetooth connectivity, and a premium digital knob for blending power adjustment have been added.

6. What Functions Does the Vitamix 750 Have?

The powerful Vitamix 750 will blend almost any ingredient to the desired consistency. It’s a powerful and dependable blender that continues to provide a fantastic blending experience even after many years of regular use!

The 750 is the blender to choose from if you want unrivaled performance and durability. It has five pre-set blending settings for a simple blending experience, and the 64-oz low-profile jar allows you to easily make large, family-size batches.

7. What colors is the Vitamix 750 available in?

The Vitamix Pro 750 is currently available in black and Pearl Gray. It was previously available in a Brushed Stainless True Metal finish, which Vitamix discontinued at the end of August 2019.

8. Is the Vitamix 750 still available?

No, the Vitamix Pro 750 is still being manufactured. Vitamix has made no announcements about discontinuing the 750 models.

9. What Is the Best Way to Use My Vitamix Professional Series 750?

The Vitamix Pro 750 is extremely simple to use. It has a pulse button as well as a 10-speed control knob that also controls the five pre-set settings. The quick YouTube video tutorial below should get you up and running with your 750 quickly!

10. What is the height of the Vitamix 750?

With the 64-oz low-profile container and lid attached, the Vitamix 750 stands 17.5 inches tall. As a result, it will fit perfectly under standard kitchen cabinets.

Which is better, the Vitamix 750 or the A3500?

If you’ve made it this far in the guide, you already know that I recommend the Vitamix A3500. It provides cutting-edge technology, and Vitamix appears to design all of its current accessories and attachments with the Ascent Series blenders in mind!

The A3500 is like a beefed-up Pro 750; you get all of the high-end performance, dependability, and durability, but with smart features like a touch panel, timer, and a digital control knob.

Vitamix customer service is among the best in the world! They provide both informational and technical customer support for repairs and replacement. So purchasing a Vitamix is essentially a lifetime guarantee of a better blender!






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