Which would I choose between a Vitamix 750 and an A3500 in 2022?

Which would I choose between a Vitamix 750 and an A3500 in 2022?

Which is better, Vitamix 750 or 3500? Is the A3500 the best Vitamix? What is the highest rated Vitamix? Which is quieter, Vitamix 750 or 7500? Is Costco Vitamix different? How many watts is the Vitamix Pro 750? Which Vitamix is the quietest? Which is better, ninja or Vitamix? What blender do professional chefs use? What kind of blender does Starbucks use?


Which of the two models—Vitamix 750 or A3500—should you purchase? That is a pretty difficult choice!

These two incredible Vitamix blenders were created with unrivaled performance, outstanding dependability, and lifetime durability in mind.


I am aware of how significant this choice is to you! You will continue to utilize this blender for many more years to come. And you don’t want to screw up by making the incorrect decision!


Making the final decision, though, can be made much easier if you focus on the model that best meets your preferences.


That’s it; your choice between the 750 and the A3500 comes down to your particular preferences.


Simply told, if you are a die-hard admirer of


However, I strongly advise purchasing the Vitamix 750 if you enjoy and favor dials and switches over a touchscreen panel. That’s especially true if you’re a little retro.


However, there is a bit more to the Vitamix 750 vs. A3500 choice than that.

The Ascent Series Vitamix blenders are compatible with a large choice of technologically advanced, practical accessories and attachments, which is an unmentioned benefit of choosing the A3500 over the 750. Simply stating them down


Use your Vitamix as a full-featured food processor with the 12-Cup Food Processor Attachment with Self-Detect.

Making small batches of baby food, dips, and salad dressings is a breeze with the 8-oz Blending Bowl with Self-Detect.

A single serving smoothie blending container that also functions as a travel cup with the spill-proof cover is the 20-oz Blending Cup with Self-Detect!

Making bespoke cocktails with the AerTM Disc Container, a very versatile blender accessory, is no problem at all.

Additionally, 48-ounce Self-Detect Wet and Dry Grains Containers are available and are ideal for small to medium-sized quantities.

NOTE: Included in this review of the Ascent Series Vitamix blenders are the A2300, A2500, A3300, and A3500. The Smart System technology in these blenders automatically adjusts the blending parameters to the Self-Detect container size that is being used!


That could explain why the introduction of the Vitamix Ascent Series blenders upended the company’s whole model line.


Everyone who was planning to upgrade to the Pro 750 now questions whether making a one-time investment in the A3500 is the best Vitamix decision. Purchasing the A3500 is, in my opinion, the best blender investment you’ll ever make!


What Sets the Vitamix 750 Apart from the A3500?

What Sets the Vitamix 750 Apart from the A3500?
What Sets the Vitamix 750 Apart from the A3500?

The A3500 makes use of brand-new, cutting-edge technologies, including a programmable timer, complete app connection, and the capacity to employ a variety of jars and attachments.

The A3500 has a touch panel and a quality knob, but the Vitamix 750 has a dial and switches.

The A3500 comes with a 64-oz low-profile jar with Self-Detect while the Vitamix 750 comes with the standard 64-oz low profile jar.

The conventional lid of the 750 has a black rubber lid, while the self-detect jar has a clear lid that click-snaps into place.

The A3500 has a 10-year warranty whereas the Vitamix Pro 750 has a 7-year warranty.

Compared to the Pro 750, the A3500 motor base is more streamlined and significantly thinner.

What features do the Vitamix 750 and A3500 have in common?

Even if you’re not tech-savvy, both are quite simple to use!

You receive the same premium performance and consistency in mix quality.

Both have long-lasting construction.

They are 40% quieter than other Vitamix models thanks to noise insulation.

The Vitamix 48-oz. Stainless Steel container is compatible with both.

750 Vitamix vs. A3500

Vitamix 750 vs. A3500: Comparison of the Blender Base and Motor

Vitamix 750 vs. A3500: Comparison of the Blender Base and Motor
Vitamix 750 vs. A3500: Comparison of the Blender Base and Motor

The Pro 750 is a member of the “G-Series” Vitamix series, which is part of the company’s Next-Generation lineup.


The bases of all Vitamix blenders in the G-Series are built to last. They have a strong 2.2-HP motor and are dependable and robust.


The blender’s airflow has been enhanced by the Pro 750 base’s design, enabling it to operate cooler.


And to make things even better, the 2.2-HP motor has integrated noise insulation. Compared to the 5200 and 7500 models of Vitamix blenders, the insulation makes it 40% quieter!


Contrarily, the A3500 is a part of the Vitamix Ascent Series of products. The upgraded Vitamix blenders with Smart Technology are represented by this product range.


The A3500 has a potent 2.2-HP motor with increased airflow and noise insulation, just like the Pro 750. Even after prolonged use, these features enable it to run cooler and quieter!


TIP: Almost any ingredient can be handled by the 2.2-HP motor’s power. Smoothies, nut butters, and coffee may all be easily ground to the proper consistency.


NOTE: The A3500’s Smart-Technology is one of its most outstanding features. That is, if you remove the container, the blender won’t “mix”! Additionally, it recognizes and automatically modifies the settings to fit the size of the container you’re using!


Premium 10-Speed Digital Knob


complements the Vitamix Perfect BlendTM


Android & iOS Apps


Finish: Copper Metal,


Stainless Steel Finish in Black,


Red, white, and blue candy apple


Finish in graphite metal.


Vitamix A3500 and 750

6-Feet 4-Feet of Power Cord

Motor 2.2-HP


Engine Cooling: Yes, Yes

Noise reduction



Yes, the control dial has a 10-speed setting.

Preset Choices 5 5

Switch, pulse, and touch control all work.

Touchscreen controls: No Touch Interface, Yes

Wireless Connections Absent Bluetooth

Timer with programming options

Available hues include black, red, and polished stainless

Stainless steel with a brushed finish

Height 17.5 inches 17 inches (with Jar)

Weight: 12.5 lb 14.92 lb (with Jar)

7 and 10 years of warranties

Blender Cost

Premium 10-Speed Digital Knob


complements the Vitamix Perfect BlendTM


Android & iOS Apps


Finish: Copper Metal,


Stainless Steel Finish in Black,


Red, white, and blue candy apple


Finish in graphite metal.


How do the controls on the Vitamix 750 and the A3500 compare?

How do the controls on the Vitamix 750 and the A3500 compare?
How do the controls on the Vitamix 750 and the A3500 compare?

The Vitamix A3500 blender is entirely digitalized. That explains why the Vitamix blenders in the Ascent Series are also referred to as Smart System blenders.


Using a digital touch screen, you can control the On/Off “Switch.”

A touchscreen is present.

a high-end, digital 10-Speed control knob with half-speed adjustments.

TIP: Vitamix decided to incorporate the Knob as one of the A3500’s controls after discovering that the majority of Vitamix enthusiasts adored it.


Additionally, Vitamix added the touch panel because of how convenient touchscreen controls are. That is, since people use it on their phones, in their cars, and on other kitchen equipment, adding touch controls was a brilliant idea!


The Vitamix 750 and A3500 both have five preset settings (Preset Programs). Smoothies, hot soups, dips and spreads, frozen desserts, and self-cleaning are some of them.


The knob is used to pick the Pro 750 preset programs, while the touch panel is used to select the A3500.


750 Vitamix vs. A3500

Vitamix 750 vs. A3500: Comparing the Container & Blades

Vitamix 750 vs. A3500: Comparing the Container & Blades
Vitamix 750 vs. A3500: Comparing the Container & Blades

A 64-oz Low-Profile container with Self-Detect is included with the A3500. The clear lid of this container “clicks” solidly into the container. While blending, it makes sure the container is tightly shut – NO MORE LEAKS!


For simpler pouring, the Self-Detect jar also features a lovely funnel-like aperture. Especially while working with thick, creamy smoothies, you avoid making a mess!


The tiny measuring cup that comes with the Vitamix A3500 blender’s 64-oz Low-Profile Self-Detect jar is another small but amazing feature that most people overlook.


This little measuring cup fits inside the container’s tamper hole flawlessly. It has two measuring capacities: one ounce and one tablespoon. Additionally, you can take it out during blending to utilize the tamper stick.


A 64-oz Low-Profile container is also included with the Vitamix Pro 750, however it is only the standard low-profile jar and does not have the Self-Detect technology.


Using Self-Detect


Vitamix A3500 and 750

64 oz. container size Low-Profile 64-oz Low-Profile

BPA-Free Yes


4-inch blades 4-inch blades

contains tamper

Low-Profile, indeed

Low-Profile, indeed

No Yes Dishwasher-safe

Self-Cleaning Yes Yes


Using Self-Detect


Vitamix 750 vs. A3500: Frequently Asked Questions

Vitamix 750 vs. A3500: Frequently Asked Questions
Vitamix 750 vs. A3500: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the A3500 Offer Value?

The Vitamix A3500 truly is the ideal blender for all purposes! It works well for making smoothies, ice cubes, nut butter, soups, grinding coffee, and just about any other ingredient you can think of.


The A3500 is a top-of-the-line, potent device that has demonstrated to deliver top performance and dependability even after repeated use. Additionally, it is incredibly convenient and quick to use thanks to smart technology.


2. How Quiet Is the Vitamix A3500?

Yes, when compared to earlier Vitamix blenders, the A3500 is relatively quiet. It boasts increased airflow vents at the back and noise insulation in the motor. These make it run more quietly and more coolly!


3. The Vitamix A3500’s volume level.

The Vitamix A3500's volume level.
The Vitamix A3500’s volume level.

The sound level of the Vitamix A3500 at maximum speed is 84 dB. But bear in mind that when preparing your standard dishes, such as smoothies, soups, and frozen desserts, you won’t be running the blender at “HIGH.”


In fact, Vitamix’s A3500 takes pleasure in being the quietest blender it makes for non-commercial use. In a small flat, for example, your neighbor won’t “know” the blender is on if you’re making smoothies.


4. Has the Vitamix A3500 Bluetooth capability?

The A3500 does have Bluetooth connectivity integrated into it. For iOS and Android, Vitamix has the Perfect Blend App. Bluetooth is used by the A3500 blender and the Perfect Blend App to communicate.


More than 600 recipes are available to you when you connect your blender to the app. A few of the additional pre-set programs are:




Noo Milk

Spice Grinding

Pecan Butter

Infant Food


frozen drinks

Thick Spreads and Dips

Bowl of acai

A Dry Chop

Skim Milk Foam, Cold

5. What is the best Vitamix model?

The most effective Vitamix blender to date is the A3500! It now includes cutting-edge technology for improved usage while maintaining the reputation for outstanding performance shared by all Vitamix blenders ever made!


Simply said, the popular Pro 750 has the same amount of power as the Vitamix A3500. Nevertheless, with the inclusion of Smart Technology, such as touch controls, Bluetooth compatibility, and a high-end digital knob for mixing power adjustment.


6. What Can You Do with a Vitamix 750?

Almost any item may be blended to the desired consistency using the powerful Vitamix 750. Even after many years of continuous usage, this strong and trustworthy blender has shown to provide such a lovely blending experience!


When you want a blender with unmatched performance and longevity, choose the 750. With the 64-oz low-profile jar and its five pre-set blending settings, you should have no trouble preparing huge families-size amounts.


7. What Shades Are Available for the Vitamix 750?

The Vitamix Pro 750 is currently available in black and Pearl Gray finishes. It was formerly offered with a Brushed Stainless True Metal finish as well, but Vitamix stopped making it at the end of August 2019.


8. Is the Vitamix 750 still available?

Not at all; the Vitamix Pro 750 is still being made. Nowhere has Vitamix stated that it plans to stop selling the 750 models.


9. How Should I Operate My Professional Series 750 Vitamix?

The Vitamix Pro 750 is quite simple to use. A pulse button and a 10-Speed control knob are included, and these also operate the 5 pre-set settings. You should find it fairly simple to get started with your 750 if you follow the little YouTube video tutorial below!


10. The Vitamix 750’s height.

With the 64-oz low-profile container and lid on, the Vitamix 750 is 17.5 inches tall. It will therefore neatly fit beneath the typical kitchen cabinets.


Which Do I Recommend & Why Between the Vitamix 750 and A3500?

Which Do I Recommend & Why Between the Vitamix 750 and A3500?
Which Do I Recommend & Why Between the Vitamix 750 and A3500?

You already know that I strongly suggest the Vitamix A3500 if you’ve read this far. Modern technology is available, and Vitamix appears to design all of their presently available add-ons and attachments with the Ascent Series blenders in mind!


The A3500 is comparable to a Pro 750 that has been amplified; it offers the same superior performance, dependability, and durability but also has more advanced smart features like a touch panel, timer, and digital control knob.


One of the top customer service departments in the world is at Vitamix! They provide technical help for repairs and replacements in addition to informational client support. So purchasing a Vitamix is like purchasing a better blender for life!


Which is better, Vitamix 750 or 3500?

The Vitamix A3500 is far better than the Vitamix 750.

This is a bit of a statement, so let me explain. First, the A3500 has more power and can blend thicker ingredients much more easily than its predecessor (the 750). They both have similar containers, so you can’t go wrong with either in terms of blending capabilities. The Vitamix A3500 is also quieter than the Vitamix 750 by several decibels; this makes it easier to use at night if you have a sleeping baby nearby or if you’re trying to watch TV without turning up the volume too much.

The A3500 also comes with many more accessories than its predecessor—notably an ice cream maker attachment and extra cups for larger batches and single-serve shakes—so getting started with your new blender will be easier than before! Plus, there are now over 100 recipes available online from some well-known chefs like Gordon Ramsay himself! It comes down mostly to personal preference when choosing between these two models: do you want something cheaper? Then get yourself a 750 model instead; want something better made? Then splurge on an upgraded version like myself 🙂

Is the A3500 the best Vitamix?

  • If you want the best Vitamix, get the A3500.
  • It’s more powerful than the 750 and has a better warranty.
  • It also has more presets and is quieter than the 750.
  • The container design is also better, with an ergonomic handle that makes it easier to hold when blending hot liquids (like soup) for longer periods—a feature I’ve found invaluable during my high-carb diet days!

What is the highest rated Vitamix?

The Vitamix 7500 is the top-of-the-line model from Vitamix, with a price tag to match. The 7500 comes in insane color options and has some serious horsepower at 1875 watts—more than the A3500 (1800 watts). It’s also got a 64-ounce container, which is taller and wider than most other Vitamix containers. If you need to fit more ingredients into your smoothie or soup, this might be worth the extra money for you!

The 5200 is one step down from the 7500 but still packs plenty of power at 1560 watts. It’s got enough horsepower to hold onto frozen fruits without crushing them (like some other blenders can) and comes with a 48-ounce container—a size that works well when making large batches of soups or sauces. If your family eats big meals several times weekly, this could be an excellent choice for your kitchen!

The 5300 is identical in every way except that it comes with a narrower 32-ounce container instead of 48 ounces like the 5200 does; otherwise, they’re similar in terms of wattage/horsepower and color options available, so pick whichever one suits your needs better!

The 5500 offers similar build quality as its predecessor models. Still, it has been redesigned slightly, so it now has smaller components such as blades which makes cleaning easier after blending hard ingredients like nuts (which tend to get stuck inside!). This blender won’t break down nearly as quickly as older models either, thanks largely due its new plastic housing material used throughout construction–your investment will last longer because there isn’t much metal involved here compared to previous models made entirely out of metal parts–but if something does happen then there’s always manufacturer warranty offered too!!

Which is quieter, Vitamix 750 or 7500?

You may have heard that the A3500 is quieter than the 750. Well, it is—but only by a small margin. The A3500 measures in at 64 dBa on average, while the 750 sits at about 66 dBa. So what does this mean for you? If you’re looking for a quiet blender and want to go with one of these two models: go with the A3500! It’s a tad softer and offers many more features than its predecessor (including pre-programmed settings).

The other option would be to choose between these two blenders and another model within their respective lines: The Vitamix 7500 is significantly louder (73 dBa) than both due to its higher RPMs.

Is Costco Vitamix different?

Costco has a version of the Vitamix A3500 called the Costco Vitamix. This model is identical to the regular A3500, but with one difference: it comes with a different container that does not have presets for smoothies and other blends—it’s just the base machine.

This might be your best option if you’re looking for a cheaper way to get into blending. However, there are only so many Costco stores in each region, and they often sell out quickly. If you do find yourself able to purchase one from Costco, then I would urge you to do so before it sells out! Otherwise, consider buying directly from Vitamix; their customer service is great, and they can help ensure delivery on time (or even earlier if needed).

How many watts is the Vitamix Pro 750?

The Vitamix Pro 750 comes in at 750 watts, a standard power level for a blender. You can find blenders that run on less than this, and you can also find blenders that run on more than this. If you want to be able to blend thick goods like ice, nuts, and frozen fruit without cutting them up first, this should be enough juice for your needs. On the other hand, if you’re trying to do raw nut butter or anything else where you need to get the motor up above 1750-1800 watts for 30 seconds or more at a time (like making peanut butter), then 750 watts may not cut it for your purposes.

In practice, though? Unless there’s something more important about how much horsepower your blender has compared with other blenders—and given how expensive these things are typically priced at around $400-$500—you shouldn’t let it affect which one ends up being right for you!

Which Vitamix is the quietest?

If you want to keep your kitchen as peaceful as possible, the Vitamix 750 is your best bet. The A3500 comes in second, with its quieter motor and design. The 7500 and A2500 are also pretty quiet for their respective price ranges, but they aren’t as soft as the 750 or A3500 because of other factors like size and build quality.

The next question is: Which Vitamix is the most reliable?

Which is better, ninja or Vitamix?

Ninja is better for smoothies and ice-crushing, but Vitamix is better for nut butter and soups.

Vitamix wins on the texture of blends. It’s a more powerful blender with more torque and the ability to blend harder foods like nuts, seeds, grains, and flaxseed in a way that doesn’t turn them into dust or give you an annoying grainy texture when you eat them (you know what I mean).

Ninja wins on convenience because it has presets that make smoothie making super easy—push one button instead of figuring out what speed setting works best for hot liquids versus cold liquids, as well as how long to blend each ingredient (which might even require adding water or ice).

What is the latest model of Vitamix?

The latest model of Vitamix is the 7500, which was released in March 2019. The 7500 is the quietest Vitamix and has a new lid design that allows for better airflow and more peaceful blending. It also has a new container design with fewer “nooks and crannies” than previous models, making cleaning easier.

What blender do professional chefs use?


This is the blender you want to use if you’re making smoothies or soup, and it’s a great option for any blending task that requires a lot of power. It can handle anything from frozen fruits and vegetables to ice cubes, making it ideal for smoothies or mixing up small batches of soups or sauces. Best of all, this blender comes with a strong engine that will last through years of heavy use without breaking down—so whether you’re new at cooking or an experienced chef, this one can help make your life easier in the kitchen!

What kind of blender does Starbucks use?

You can find the answer to this question on the Starbucks website. The company uses the Vitamix Pro 750 and 5200 for its smoothies and other blenders, including the A3500, A2500, and S30.

You can also see a full list of their blenders here.

What blender does Smoothie King use?

Smoothie King uses a Vitamix Pro 750. This is the same model I use to make my smoothies and soups at home, and the machine has served me well for the past year. It’s powerful enough to break down tough ingredients like frozen blueberries, spinach leaves, and kale stems into smooth purees without issue. The blender can also crush ice cubes into snow in seconds flat—something I’ve tested personally by dumping handfuls of ice cubes into my Vitamix before blending them up with water or almond milk until they’re completely melted down.

Vitamix recently released two new models of blenders: A3500 (which comes with five pre-programmed settings) and Pro 750 Plus with Wildside Jar (which boasts four times more power). Both are excellent machines but if you’re looking for performance over bells and whistles, stick with what Smoothie King uses: A regular old Pro 750 will do just fine!


After going through the features of Vitamix 750, I think it is a great blender. But if you want a smoother texture, you should go with the A3500 model.






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